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Reponing and Consecration of the Lodge No. 10 "Freedom Restored"

On the 4th of October 2008 . The ceremony of the consecration for the reponing of Freedom Restored lodge took place after almost 200 years of being in darkness. The Grand Matser installed Nicholas John Tkatschuk as the Worshipful Master of the lodge.

Internet Lodge 9659 East Lancashire UGLE, has started an International development scheme to support Freemasonry in different parts of the world and through this scheme Coronation Lodge UGLE, donated many Masonic items towards the reponing of Freedom Restored Lodge.

Delegates attended from all over Poland, England, France, Sweden and the Ukraine.

History of Wolność Odzyskana (Freedom Restored Lodge) & Freemasonry in the Lubelskie region

Freemasonry in the Lubelski area of Poland and the reponing  of Freedom Restoreded Lodge. The lodge was last active almost 200 years ago in Lublin.  Lublin is situated 250 km east of Warsaw and 100km from the Dorohusk Ukraine border.

It is pertinent that you should know that from 1733 to 1738 'Ramzesa BARTAZAN' was a representative for Polish Freemasonry in the Lubelskie area for  the Grand Lodge of England and that there are publications and evidence that a lodge in Lublin existed during that time and  the mayor of Lublin 'Malachowski LEMPICKI' was the Worshipful Master.

Historical records show that freemasons  living around Lublin including the city of Chelm travelled to the lodge in Lublin, however, there are no records   of the lodge or even its name.

On the 12th of March 1784  the 'Grand Orient' of France formed the next regular lodge in Lublin named: 'Wolnosc Odzyskana' or 'Freedom Restored '' The Worshipful Master of the lodge was then  Polish General  'Ludwik KAMIENIECKI' while other members of the lodge included Walerian LUKASINSKI, Kazimierz MACHNICKI and Francizek KOZAKOWSKI. LUKASINSKI later moved to Zamosc and became a joining member of' „JEDNOSC'' UNITY Lodge there.

It was in 1812 that Polish Grand Master Ludwik GUTAKOWSKI died, to be succeeded by new Grand Master: Stanislaw POTOCKI.

Four years later on the 8th of June 1816 two new lodges were formed in Lublin named 'Rownosc' Equality Lodge and  a second Lodge with a similar name 'Swiatynia Rownosci' the 'Temple of Equality Lodge'. As with all  Lubelskie's historic Masonic documentation, much has been destroyed. Both lodges  had become inactive by 1821.

This closure of the lodges was to be a twilight in Lublin's Freemasonry that was to last for nearly a century, for it was not until 1912  that the 'Wolny Oracz lodge' 'Free Ploughers Lodge' a co-freemasonic lodge, part of the Le Droit Humaine Order, was formed. It developed from male and female contacts with lodges in Warsaw and Paris at the time. Regrettably 'Wolne Orac' was to close down in 1938.

Between 1935 and 1938 a Masonic Triangle met with the intention of reactivating 'Freedom Restored' lodge unfortunately without any success.

In March 2007 a Masonic Triangle "Wolnosc Odzyskana" ("Freedom Restored") began; fully determined to reconsecrate the lodge once again in October 2008 and retaining  the original lodge name as a mark of respect to Lubelskie's Masonic history.

We expect our newly reponed  Freedom Restored Lodge to be a truly universal lodge, having  Polish, French and English members and hopefully, many visitors of other nationalities .

Worshipful Master of Freedom Restored Lodge # 10.
W.B. Nicholas John Tkatschuk.