Chronicle 2006-2016


The National Grand Lodge of Poland annual meeting

The National Grand Lodge of Poland and its delegates from all lodges gathered for the annual communication and St. John's Picnic to hear the overview of the year 2006/2007. Most Worshipful Brother Rudiger TEMPLIN Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Germany attended the meeting. To mark the occasion of 15 years since the National Grand lodge of Poland was reactivated and 225 years since the birth of regular Polish Freemasonry. The Most Worshipful Grand Master and the Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters of Poland handed reprinted documentation of the first constitution of Polish Freemasonry dated 1781, to the Right Worshipful Grand Librarian, Brother Krzysztof ZALESKI. The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Poland awarded honours to Brothers Jan WINCZAKIEWICZ and Jean Wojciech SICINSKI. Afterwards the annual St. John's Picnic commenced with guests and their families.